In China found “patient No. 1” from Wuhan

В Китае нашли "пациента №1" из Уханя

The first patient with a coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan was the saleslady of shrimp at the local seafood market.

“The first person passed test positive for the new coronavirus in Wuhan, was the woman who was selling shrimp on the market”, – stated in the message.

According to The Wall Street Journal, we are talking about 57-year-old Wei Lixian.

Wei lived in a rented apartment less than 500 metres from the market where he worked.

11 Dec she had a high fever.

Thinking that she had seasonal flu, the woman went to a local hospital for help. However, some shots did not help. She still continued to work in the market and after some time went to the hospital.

The doctor prescribed her medications, but they did not help the woman.

On December 16, Wei has turned into the largest hospital in the city for a full examination. She was told about the “cruelty” of the disease, with symptoms which the doctors have already asked a few people from Wuhan.

It is believed that the woman later recovered.

It is noted that according to the statement of local physicians from December 31, vey was one of the first 27 cases of coronavirus. Later, in January, the Chinese center for control and prevention stated that the coronavirus was transmitted to humans from wild animals, that same marine market, where he worked vey.


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