In China was found dangerous to human virus

В Китае найден опасный для человека вирус

An international group of scientists has identified previously unknown filovirus similar to Ebola and Marburg virus (MARV). It is spread among animals, but can become dangerous to humans.

Carriers of the pathogen were flying dogs that live in China’s Yunnan province, reports

The virus was named “in honor of” district of Mengla, where it was first discovered. Scientists have managed to sequence his genome, and found that dealing with individual native Dianlovirus.

A new virus similar to that already known in 32-54%. The region where it is revealed atypical for normal filovirus.

It has properties that make it dangerous to other animals and to humans. RNA Mengla includes seven genes that are necessary for binding to the host cell.

Experiments have shown that the virus is able to evolve to hit all the new types.