In Estonia, drivers-violators will be issued a card organ donor

 В Эстонии водителям-нарушителям начнут выдавать карточки доноров органов

Estonia chose an unconventional way of dealing with speeding on the roads. Traffic police will start handing out drivers-violators of traffic rules not only fines, but also recommendations on how to become an organ donor.

The police hopes that this campaign will help to reduce the number of casualties on the roads, writes Reuters.

“We do not expect that the campaign will increase the number of organ donors, but we hope that there will be less deaths and it will make people think,” said the chief of police of the city of pärnu, Andres Cinieri. Drivers also believe that the initiative useful.

The experiment will last about a month. Note that in Estonia, compared to other EU countries, speed violations are very common — for this he was fined 12-15% of all drivers.

Earlier it was reported that in Germany, a tenfold increase in fines for drivers.