In Facebook has banned sexual content

В Facebook запретили сексуальный контент

In the social network Facebook changed the rules of sexual harassment. Now the social network can be used to discuss sexual violence and the issue of claims, but not for “motives to the sexual contacts between adults”.

Among other things, Facebook banned the ad about the filming of sexual acts, pornography, please join the chat rooms with sexual overtones, the transmission of sexual images and suggestions of sex. Prohibited including allusions to sex — “I want to have fun in the evening”, mentions of sexual roles and positions, picture of sexual intercourse.

The administration of Facebook will moderate content to complain, as in chat rooms, and in personal and public pages.

Footballer Ronaldo left Portugal because of the rape charges. Then he was accused of raping three more women.

The court sentenced the 81-year-old American comedian bill Cosby to prison for sexual violence against women. The actor will spend behind bars from 3 to 10 years.

Personal belongings Robin Williams has sold over 6 million dollars, and Prince released a posthumous album.