In Japan, closed last paging company

В Японии закрылась последняя пейджинговая компания

The Tokyo telecommunications company Tokyo Telemessage, which is engaged in the service of pagers will stop working due to lack of demand.

Reports the world’s first pager produced by Motorola in 1956. In Japan such services began to provide the company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corp. Pagers modern form emerged in the early 1990s, they immediately become popular outside the offices of employees and students. At the peak of popularity of services of paging companies used about 10 million people in Japan, and only in one Tokyo Telemessage had 1.2 million customers in 1996. Pagers were cheap to use, and the one AAA battery they had enough for a month of work.

In Japan even developed a special code record short messages numbers. For example, the combination 0906 meant “Late”, and 0833 – “Goodnight”.

Who uses pagers now unknown. It was popular among physicians because it can be used around sensitive medical equipment. Legacy devices can also be used by criminals pagers are deprived of the transmitting device, and therefore it is impossible to determine the location of the device.

The pagers themselves, most likely, will not disappear, but will change company Tokyo Telemessage intends to offer such lines of communication to local authorities. They will be able to use the device for transmission of warning signals, under the threat of natural disasters.