In Japan found an interesting map in an ancient tomb

В Японии обнаружили интересную карту в древней гробнице

In the village of Asuka, located in Japan, archeologists discovered an ancient tomb in 1983, a burial which is dated to the 7th century ad Inside the tomb was discovered accurate sky map, which was created in the 1st century BC

Near the settlement Asuka located in Japan, during excavations in 1983, archaeologists found the tomb Kitora, a burial which is dated by experts the 7th century ad. In the same tomb discovered a unique map of the sky, which its author has compiled in the 1st century BC, reports

On the walls of the tomb are skillfully made image of the red Phoenix, black turtle, white tiger and blue dragon. Moreover, the arrangement of the images corresponds to the South, North, West and East. But the image of the sky researchers identify as the most valuable treasure – it 68 constellations, and three perfect circle, illustrating the movement of celestial bodies in the sky. Using this map, the astronomers were able to determine the winter and summer equinox.