In Kiev, a man jumped out of the window, fearing “fascist”

В Киеве мужчина выпрыгнул из окна, испугавшись «фашистов»

В Киеве мужчина выпрыгнул из окна, испугавшись «фашистов»

In Kiev on Friday, 11 January, 24-year-old man jumped from the second floor window of the hotel “Khreschatyk” and injured his leg.

According to doctors, the man suffered an open fracture of the tibia, there is a suspicion on cherepno-a brain trauma, reports UNN.

The victim said that he committed the act against his will, when “like the Nazis”. The doctors gave him the necessary assistance on the spot and taken to the city hospital.

Recall, August 1, 2018, at the age of 33 years committed suicide, the canadian Rick Genest, known as “Zombie Boy”. And in France, has committed suicide one of the founders of the movement FEMEN.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine for the period from January to October 2018 were more than 5,400 suicide.