In Kiev began work on the mural dedicated to the battle near Kruty

В Киеве началась работа над муралом, посвященным бою под Крутами

In the center of Kiev, near the Palace of Ukraine, began the creation of the mural “Cool”, dedicated to the fight at the train station Cool. Work symbolically launched on December 6 — the Day of Armed forces of Ukraine.

According to a press release, the mural “Cool” will be the third work of the artist Andrew Paliwala (creative group Kailas-V), covering the topic of Ukrainian people’s struggle for independence 100 years ago (the first murals of this series — portraits of Hrushevsky and Pavlo Skoropadsky in Kyiv). Then in the winter in 1918, hundreds of young people — pupils, students and cadets — came to the defense of the Motherland. It is a historical lesson for us today, the artist known as the author of many muralov in Ukraine and the world.

For me personally, the Coolest event — a feat the young and undefeated, “Fire Sapeli not PEC”. It is a conscious death for their country, it is a conscious sacrifice of the face of the terrible red invasion. And this century-old lesson for us today is how to defend the Fatherland. That’s why we decided to start drawing in December to at least momentarily synchronized with the guys

— Andrew Palval,


Mural “Cool” is a joint project of the film “Steep 1918”, Department of public communications of the KSCA, the Pechersky district in Kyiv city state administration, public organization “I love Ukraine”, project “Kiev murals”, with the support of the company “OP” POLYSAN”. Location of mural: street Velyka Vasylkivska, 111/113 — the house on the ground near the Palace of Ukraine.

“Pechersk has long turned into a street art gallery known around the world muralov, — said the head of the Pechersk district in Kyiv state administration Sergey Martynchuk. — All these art projects I have always supported and provided all possible assistance for their implementation. So, this is an historical mural needs to take pride of place in the regional “street art piggy Bank”.

From February 7 2019 history Cool can be seen on the big screens in Ukraine will start the movie “Steep 1918”.

We will remind, at the metro station “Osokorki” drew a red cat. Previously, the station appeared a portrait of the actor Bohdan Stupka. In October, the mural “Osokorki” transferred to the balance of the metro. Prior to that, residents Osokorki asked for the mural to the police.

And at the end of November, the mural disappeared from the Embassy of the Netherlands.