In Kiev called the most popular names among newborns

В Киеве назвали самые популярные имена среди новорожденных

В Киеве назвали самые популярные имена среди новорожденных

The Department of justice of Kiev shared a list of the most popular names among the children of Kiev, writes “Today”.

In the list of names for girls included Mary, Zlata, Milan, Sophia, and for boys Alexander, Artem, Dmitry, Ivan, Maxim. Compared to the 2017 year the list remains the same, he added that only the name Ivan.

Was popular with such unusual names as Axenia, Ariana, Aria, Anfisa, Agay, Alma, Veselin, Venus, Vlastislav, Vesta, Glafira, Greta, Fun, Zlatomira, Accounting, Via, iris, Arise, Maria, Aphrodite, Kvitka, Nino, Kvitoslava, Kasandra, Lala, Lola, melody, Kai, Carmen, Ruta, Roxolana, Radan, Teresa, Charlotte, Charlotte, Faina, Aceveda.

Exotics were found among the male names: Gabriel, Aristarchus, Gordey, Diodorus, Bazhen, Bogodar, Darian, Askold, Bruce, Azarias, Darko, Erdogan, Zeus, Zlatozar, Eremi, Nikoloz, Marco, Marcel, Mihwa, Leo, blind, Richard, Simeon, Solomon, Oliver, Svarog, Thomas, Samuel, ruvin, Oscar, Farid, Pharaoh, Julius.

In 2018 in Kiev were born 34 742 newborns.

Also last year in Kiev has registered 1620 name changes. Vitali became Salvador, Master Michael, Sergey – Agate, Victor Man, Taras – Ragnarok, and the inhabitant of Kiev Bogdan became Joey, Marina – Marcoy, Oksana – unnie, Victoria – Assinou-Twisted, Alina – Airiso, Elena – Maximilianii.

The name change is made by the district Department of the state registration of acts of civil status at the place of residence. In addition to the statement of intent, you also have the birth certificate of the applicant, marriage or divorce, birth of children, about the change of name of the applicant, father or mother, a photo and receipt of payment of the fee.

According to the chief Department of justice of Kiev Stanislav Kutsenko, the law does not limit the number of username changes for a citizen under 16 years of age. The cost of the name change – 5, 10 hryvnia, it re-change the name to 51 hryvnia.

We will remind, in the Dneprovsky district created inclusive recreation area. Park Health Zone has a unique recreation opportunities in the urban conditions of the city.

In Kiev rekonstruiruet four light rail station.

In November in Kyiv has opened a renovated tram station “Prospekt Kosmonavta Komarova”.