In Kiev conducted an inspection of houses with underheating heating

В Киеве проводится обследование домов с недогревом отопления

The city authorities of Kiev, conducted a survey of houses, whose residents complain of “underheating”.

The purpose of the event is to identify the cause and quickly remove it, and where it is necessary to conduct more extensive work, for example, the overhaul of the heating system, to plan activities within urban programs, reported on the website of the Kyiv city state administration (KSCA).

В Киеве проводится обследование домов с недогревом отопления

Peter Panteleev

Deputy Chairman of the KSCA

“Daily dispatch “1557” we have received complaints concerning insufficient heating temperature. We must identify and eliminate the causes of potential underheating by conducting joint inspections housing maintenance sites and providers of services – KP “Kievteploenergo” or LLC “Euro-Reconstruction”. Finding the cause of the problem we find is responsible for its removal”

According to him, in Kiev there are also system related homes with so-called “underheating”, which provides urban housing and municipal inspection (Management of self-governing control of the KSCA). Panteleev noted that, in practice, the house can be: insufficient parameters coolant supply is the responsibility of the heating company; the incorrect operation of intrahouse systems of a heat supply, “tube air”, their elimination – the objective of the management of the company and its subsidiaries – housing maintenance sites.

Sometimes the cause of disruption of house heating system are the people themselves when the batteries stand on the balcony, lay Underfloor heating or increase the number of sections on the radiators, and the like. So, in a house on Moskovskaya street, 15, the problem of underheating was caused by the need to regulate the flow of coolant. Heat supply company for the job until the end of the day to provide adequate heat.

“In any case, we will respond to the appeal of the Kiev relative underheating in apartments, to identify problems and resolve them. Certainly, there are cases when it is necessary to invest significant funds in reconstruction of the heating system, this applies in the first place, the old houses. In such cases, a program of co-financing, which provides a more flexible scale of costs for reconstruction and retrofitting of houses. For example, overhaul, technical re-equipment of engineering networks operates according to the proportions 85/15%. That is, the city pays 85% of the work on the improvement and modernization of internal systems of a heat supply”

— Petr Panteleyev,

Deputy Chairman of the KSCA

We will remind, in October in several cities of Ukraine having problems with the heating of houses. In particular, half of the residents of Krivoy Rog there was no heating, in this connection, in schools and kindergartens declared forced vacation. In addition, the heating season because of debts for gas were thwarted in Smila Cherkasy region, where the local authorities, instead of repayment of debts for fuel, discharged themselves millions in bonuses. Heating partially disconnected from the inhabitants of Kherson.

The national Commission reported that “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has no grounds for deliveries of natural gas JSC “Krivoy Rog teplocentral” and JSC “Kherson CHP” because they did not provide an adequate level of payment for gas and not agreed debt repayment schedule.

In “Naftogaz” also said that the regional gas group of Dmytro Firtash to sabotage the beginning of the system of daily balancing gas, which can lead to failure of the heating season.