In Kiev dismantle the monument to Suvorov

В Киеве демонтируют памятник Суворову

The monument to the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov, the military Lyceum named after Bogun (formerly the Suvorov military school) disassemble, Vice Prime Minister for humanitarian Affairs of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko.

Suvorov is in front of the Lyceum is a monument to Ivan Bohun.

“The Advisory Council of the Department of cultural heritage protection of Kievgoradministratsiya today upheld the appeal of the Lyceum named Bohun and Hero of Ukraine, General Ihor Hordiychuk about nezarazene the monument to Suvorov in the register of monuments. This means that after the final decision of the Ministry of culture it will be dismantled,” wrote Kirilenko.

Monument to Suvorov takes the back of the Lyceum.

Recall that in Kiev want to rename the Alexander hospital, and the new mascot of Kiev choose online.