In Kiev will go heat

В Киеве подорожает тепло

In Kiev to raise tariffs for heat for the population.

This was informed at a meeting of the National Commission, which performs state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKP), tells the UKRINFORM.

The Commission has increased the tariff for the production and delivery of heat to the population komunalnom enterprise “Kievteploenergo” 22.7% — z 785,94 UAH per GCal to 964,19 UAH per GCal. Also increased by 105.8% rate for relegiozny organizations. At the same time, the tariff for budget organizations and other consumers have snitily 17.1%, — 1187,75 UAH per GCal to 984,67 UAH per GCal. In addition, the national Commission reduced the tariffs for electricity for “Kievteploenergo” 22.8% — z 183,3 kopecks. per kilowatt-hour. to 141,43 kopecks. per kilowatt-hour.

Specified rates are calculated without VAT. They act s 1 January 2019.

In November, a 22.8% increase in gas prices.