In Kiev will host a festival “French spring”

В Киеве пройдет фестиваль «Французская весна»

В Киеве пройдет фестиваль «Французская весна»

In Kiev at the end of March will take place on 16-th festival of French culture “French spring in Ukraine”. It will start a street show, which kicks off on 30 March at 20:30 performance “Gardener Manchester United and kinematics of fluids” from the theater group Trade Express.

The event will take place on Sophia square, writes “Evening Kiev”.

“We’ll play dreamer-the alchemist, to walk with you at the table of elements. Traces of Jules Verne’s journey “from the earth to the moon”. You will feel unforgettable emotions tunes musicians stamens, growing in a huge flower-the anemone, and under the sound of stars in continuous motion of the air,” announces the performance of the theatre group.

Recall, Kiev was in the top 10 cities in Europe for investment performance. Topped the rating of FDI capital of Lithuania Vilnius.

Previously, the capital was ranked as the most polluted cities and has headed a rating of the top 100 most cheapest cities for tourism. Also one of Kiev’s museums were in the world top.