In Moscow evacuated the school due to teenager with a knife

В Москве эвакуировали школу из-за подростка с ножом

On the morning of 6 December in Moscow evacuated the school where a teenager with a knife threatened to kill teachers and to commit suicide.

According to Interfax, the incident occurred at school No. 1359 in Zhulebino. 16-year-old Daniil Gorbatenko brought a box cutter and threatened to kill teachers and later himself. The school was evacuated, police called in the emergency, family guy. During the talks attention the student was able to distract and to arrest. It turned out that it consists on the account in inspection on Affairs of minors. Classmates said that the guy was aggressive, unsociable, withdrawn, two were psychologists. The kid’s mother claims that my son had a relapse because of some pills for headaches, which he accepted. Law enforcement authorities brought the case and check the school officials for negligence, as well as the conditions of life of the young man.

Earlier it was reported that an anarchist blew up the building of the FSB in the Arkhangelsk. And on October 17 in the temporarily occupied the city of Kerch in the local Polytechnic College attack occurred with mass murder.

The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation considers that all the victims were killed with weapons, so the case was changed. In the network appeared the photo of the suspect and a couple of videos that show the time of the explosion and the shooting.

21 death of 10 people in intensive care in a coma and 5, about 60 of the victims, a 3-day mourning and one suicide – that is the statistics of the tragedy in the occupied Kerch.

The occupation authorities carried out the investigation and has already qualified the case as a mass murder. Own investigation conduct in Ukraine. The Prosecutor’s office has opened proceedings under article 258 part 3 of the criminal code (terrorist attack).