In Moscow shooting of abducted alleged killer Boronenkov

В Москве со стрельбой похищен предполагаемый убийца Вороненкова

В Москве со стрельбой похищен предполагаемый убийца Вороненкова

At a restaurant in Moscow unknown persons have shot, and then was taken to the trunk of the Ukrainian criminal authority Yury Vasilenko. Ukrainian consequence calls him the main organizer of murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Denis Boronenkov in March 2017 in Kiev.

As reported an informed source “Interfax”, the kidnapping took place on 10 January in Moscow restaurant “Basil”. Group of sporty men dragged the journalist from the premises, and when he tried to flee, he was shot in the leg, then Packed into a trunk and taken away in an unknown direction. In Moscow introduced a plan “Interception”, and when it became known the identity is stolen, came with a search warrant to his apartment. They found dozens of weapons and ammunition.

A native of Kharkiv Yuriy Vasylenko, who has dual citizenship — Russia and Ukraine. Was named Prosecutor General of Ukraine complicit in the murder Boronenkov, hiding from pre-trial investigation body of Ukraine and was wanted.

We will remind, Denis Voronenkov was killed by a pistol shot from 23 March 2017 near the Kiev hotel “Premier Palace”. Prosecutors had determined that the murder was committed by Paul Parsow by prior agreement with four citizens of Ukraine Yuriy Vasilenko, Alexander, Elk, Yaroslav Levenets and Yaroslav Tarasenko. Directly by Parsow was shot during the Commission of the crime, Moose and Tarasenko detained, Vasilenko and Levenets — in search. Vasilenko according to the investigators acted as the head of a group of killers. Ordered the assassination of Russian crime boss Vladimir Tyurin at the direction of the FSB.