In Nevada in the midterm elections won a dead Republican pimp

 В Неваде на промежуточных выборах победил мертвый республиканец-сутенер

In Nevada for election to the legislative Assembly of the state was won by Republican Dennis Hof. To defeat the owner of seven brothels did not stop even the fact that at the time of the vote, he was dead, writes AP.

In his political career, Dennis Hof, the official pimp, the owner is allowed in the state brothels, porno Studio and other attributes of debauchery, carefully imitated his idol, Donald Trump. Actively starred in the television series and reality shows for adult, lectured at Oxford and the Sorbonne, and wrote the book “the Art pimp” analogy “Art of the deal” trump. But on the eve of elections Hof staged a raging party with porn stars in honor of its 72nd anniversary. In the morning one of the workers in the sex industry found the boss is already dead. But during a vote, even numerous posters with warnings about the death of the candidate is not prevented to vote for him – dead Dennis Hof gained 68.3% of voters, but a spokeswoman for the Democrats Les Romanov — only 32% of the vote. Place Hof now is another representative of the Republican party.

Earlier it was reported that two of the candidates originated from Ukraine became the Governor.