In Slovakia’s presidential elections

В Словакии проходят президентские выборы

В Словакии проходят президентские выборы

Today, 16 March 2019, in Slovakia began elections of the President of the country. 13 candidates participate in presidential elections.

As reported by DW, according to polls, the leader of the presidential race is Zuzana Kapustova, liberal lawyer that is ahead of the ruling party Maros Serovich.

Polling stations are open until 22 o’clock local time, and the election results will be announced for March 17.

If none of the candidates could not gain an absolute majority of votes, on 30 March we will be holding the 2nd round of the race. Participation in the second round will take two candidates who scored the highest number of votes.

We will remind, parliamentary elections in Estonia defeated opposition right-liberal “reform Party”. She got 34 seats out of 101 in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is preparing for the most important elections in the country – 31 March presidential elections. Yesterday, March 3, started checking the polling stations. The campaign was launched on 31 December 2018.

Registered candidates on a post of the President of Ukraine has already transferred to the special account of the state Treasury hundreds of millions of hryvnia.