In Spain there are rapid tests for coronavirus, bought in China

В Испании не работают экспресс-тесты на коронавирус, купленные в Китае

The sensitivity of the test was only 30%, but had to be 80%.

Tests for the screening of novel coronavirus infection, purchased by Spain from the Chinese companies, have too low sensitivity and are not suitable for testing of wide layers of the population.

In the first shipment, which arrived by order of the Spanish government, the sensitivity of the test was only 30%, but had to be 80%. This was confirmed by several Microbiology laboratories of major hospitals.

“With such a meaning makes no sense to use these tests,” said one of the microbiologists investigating the Chinese test.

Tests from China Spain purchased to speed with the General population, however, as it turned out, they don’t work.

Spanish physicians have to continue to use the old method of detecting coronavirus infection – polymerase chain reaction. This is a laborious technique that requires special equipment and time.

We will remind, the Spanish Parliament supported a government proposal to extend a state of emergency due to the spread of coronavirus to 12 April.

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