In the Kiev subway grandma tried to eat the kitten

В киевском метро бабуля пыталась загрызть котенка

August 5 at the transition between the stations Khreschatyk-Kiev metro Maidan clashed with the woman who asked for alms, and people who tried to take her cats. During the incident a woman almost bit off the poor animal’s paw, reports Know.

The corresponding video was published in YouTube blogger Roma Street Prince.

On the record it says that I passed a crowd of people who, as it turned out, tried to free a kitten whose paw was holding the teeth of an elderly woman. Subsequently, the incident on camera says the woman, whose face is all blood. Later, the girl kitten runs away from the beggar.

Later, Facebook users wrote that a few days watched the beggar, and in this day gathered together to pick up the kittens.

“We all come from different places. Alexander came first and by coincidence started to take animal itself. Passed girls Yasya and Nastya helped her. Two of the kittens were safely taken, and in one beggar biting teeth and would not let go. She was ready to bite off his paw. People a few minutes to unclench her teeth.”, the user writes Michael Korneychuk.

According to him, the two kittens managed to pick up, and a beggar began to gnaw with his teeth and wouldn’t let go.

“The blood of the kitten was on her face. The paw was released. Girl with kittens fled from the beggars away. And the grandmother wondered who will pay for the broken basket. One kitten was immediately taken into the family. The other two brought me. Kittens thin, very weak,” reports the eyewitness.

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The injured cat, who was named Logan immediately drove to the vets.

“X-rays showed no bones were broken. The radiologist said that most likely the gap of the muscles in the shoulder. Asked the surgeon for advice. Logan a bruised right elbow. Another millimeter, and a beggar gnawed nerve and he would remain an invalid. Logan appointed electrophoresis for 14 days. The cost of one procedure of 125 UAH. 1750 UAH for the whole course. In the same way he needs food. We have already purchased,” added animal rights activists.