In the middle of the crisis, smes and start-ups in montreal are adapting their offers

Au milieu de la crise, des pme et des start-up montréalaises adaptent leur offre

Photo: Nathan Denette, The canadian Press
Very useful to stakeholders, the visor is a supplement to the mask, but does not replace it.

Local businesses, large and small, make the feet and hands to find their place in this situation of crisis. Not content to sit idly to wait for a solution to the epidemic, start-up businesses, smes or community-based organizations, have adjusted their service offerings.

Thus, the montreal company AON3D, which produces digital printers, has just put its technology at the disposal of the quebec health system to produce peaks that can be used to the nursing staff.

Already, some 2,000 units have been distributed in five hospitals in Montreal, and the company expects to make 10 000 over the next week. In the same way, the community organization Communautique, which supports local manufacturing and innovation of citizens, works with the Hospital Sacred Heart, to be able to service thousands of visors as soon as this week.

As explained by the anaesthetist Dr. Avinash Sinha, of the Montreal general Hospital, the visor is a supplement to the mask and does not replace it. The mask, which acts as a filter and allows the breathing, is crucial, in particular during surgical procedures. It is part of the equipment to be made available to the medical teams, which covers them from head to toe.

Still, the visors, if they do not regulate everything, are very useful to stakeholders. “This can be used in particular to patients in recovery,” says Dr. Sinha.

As much AON3D that Communautique can also manufacture separators of respirators, which are also in demand in the health care system. “It is possible that we are being asked to make pieces of equipment “, says Monique Chartrand, director of Communautique. In a week, this small community organization, which promotes local know-how, and which employs a handful of staff, has transformed into a veritable factory.

“We’re going to be able to produce 10 000 visors from next Monday “, says Monique Chartrand.

Other small businesses, working in businesses which have been paralysed by the crisis, culture, and tourism for example, have reoriented their production.

The start-up Prologue A1, for example, has mounted a few days an interactive map that allows traders to view the services and products they offer in the confinement period.

“We started our activities on this card quickly enough, says Jonathan Rouxel, Prologue A1. There are over 900 businesses that have joined. They display their new products, their opening hours. And there are other cities that are beginning to embark, as the towns of Orford or Granby by example “.

“There are restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, pharmacies, clinics, I even have banks,” he says.

Prologue A1 is part of the accelerator Mtlab, which publishes precisely a catalogue of immediate solutions to the crisis proposed by different start-ups in montreal. Among the new products include the ” antibacterial, odour-Québec “, of the group Stimulus Already seen, for the front-line staff and to the population.

Affinities instruments offers a portable test that can diagnose people who are immune to the Covid-19. VitalTracer offers an early detection of suspected cases of Covid-19.

In its catalog, Mtlab offers services as diverse as home delivery, money transfer, live broadcast for the companies, or quiz show for families confined. There is even virtual tours of next tourist destinations. An opportunity to visit different regions of Quebec, for example, in the comfort of his bed…

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