In the UK called Russia a major global threat after ISIS

В Великобритании назвали Россию главной мировой угрозой после ИГИЛ

After the destruction of the terrorist group “Islamic state” in Syria, Russia is a bigger threat to Britain and its allies than an Islamist al-Qaida and ISIS. The new head of the General staff of the armed forces of British General mark Carleton-Smith said that in addition to conventional military threats Russia is constantly seeking to undermine the West by developing new capabilities in cyberspace and space.

“Russia today indisputably represents a much greater threat to national security than Islamist al-Qaida and ISIS. Russia demonstrated that it was prepared to use military force to expand its own national interests and trying to exploit vulnerabilities once they are discovered,” said Carleton-Smith in an interview in the Telegraph.

The main threat to Britain has changed after the poisoning in Salisbury and her allies had to focus on Russia. The General added that Britain could not be quiet regarding the threat and did not react to it.

We will remind, earlier the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may has said that Moscow must change course and stop the attack against the world safety and international treaties. In connection with the U.S. sanctions against Russia for poisoning Skrobala the aggressor country was left without shale gas.