In the United States announced the transfer of weapons to Ukraine and new sanctions against Russia

В США анонсировали передачу оружия Украине и новые санкции против РФ

В США анонсировали передачу оружия Украине и новые санкции против РФ

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst said that Washington soon plans to give Kiev new weapons and declare anti-Russian sanctions. According to the Director of the Eurasian center of the Atlantic Council of the Herbst, this will happen within 2-3 months.

“After 2-3 months, we will see that the US provide weapons to Kiev and will announce new sanctions against Russia in connection with this aggression. I think that within the next eight to ten, maximum twelve weeks this will be the most severe US response. And apart from sanctions, it would be military assistance to Ukraine”

— John Herbst

former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Director of the Atlantic Council in Washington

In an interview with Radio Liberty he said that now there are many arguments to send Ukraine anti-ship missiles, patrol boats and other military equipment.

“No question — the anti-ship missiles would help. The United States has enough cruise missiles, “Harpoon”, the basis of which is technology developed 30 years ago, and this is something that we can already provide. And possibly much more modern missiles,” the diplomat added.

Herbst also said that the best response to Russia “could be sanctions against the largest Russian Bank or a ban on Russian ships to enter American ports or the ports of the EU.”

We will remind, at the end of December 2018, the Special representative of the US State Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the U.S. Congress will allocate another package of military assistance to Kiev for $ 250 million. It may include arms for air defense and the Navy. Note that American patrol boats Island, which the United States gave Ukraine in September, will arrive earlier than planned.

In addition, to strengthen the naval forces of Ukraine will help UK. After an act of Russian aggression in the Black sea country agreed to provide military assistance to the development of the fleet. In January there will arrive a group of soldiers of the British Navy, which will determine that the first need of the Ukrainian military.