In the United States introduced a smart trolley for supermarkets

В США представили умную тележку для супермаркетов

В США представили умную тележку для супермаркетов

American startup Caper introduced smart shopping cart in supermarkets, says ITC. With its help it will be possible to abandon the ordinary banks. Carts are already in use in two stores in new York.

Truck works this way — a camera mounted on it, recognizes the bar code, and detects the penetration of the product to the cart. Also the truck is equipped with weights, a touch screen and a payment terminal. The screen displays the shopping list and store promotion.

In the future the creators plan to truck to equip truck supply function of purchases, which will complement the already selected items, and the ability to show where a particular product in the store.

According to Caper, the use of these trucks increases the number of purchased products by 18%. Until the end of 2019 start-up intends to supply an improved truck in 150 supermarkets.