In the US, said separate positions of the new sanctions against Russia for aggression against Ukraine

 В США пояснили отдельные позиции новых санкций против РФ за агрессию против Украины

The Office of foreign assets control of the Treasury of the United States of America justified the introduction of new financial sanctions against three individuals and 9 companies in connection with the situation in the Russian occupied Crimea and the Donbas. The justification of sanctions is contained in the statement on the website of the Treasury Department of the United States.

“The United States used new authority to take focused action against Russian officials for serious human rights violations in those parts of Ukraine that the United States government is defined as forcibly occupied, or in other ways controlled by the Russian government, as well as other actions that are worth condemnation. The Treasury maintains the intention to direct measures on the Russian-backed company seeking to benefit from the illegal annexation and occupation of Crimea by Russia. Our sanctions are a clear reminder that efforts aimed at the normalization of investment and economic relations with those who carry out activities in the Crimea, will not be tolerated and are subject to U.S. sanctions and the EU”

— Sigal Mandelker

Deputy Minister of Finance for terrorism and financial intelligence

In particular, the so-called “Deputy Minister of the MGB LNR” Alexander Basov and the so-called “Ministry of state security of LPR” included in the sanctions list, as it is responsible for the violation of human rights in the occupied part of Lugansk region. This illegal organization under the custody of persons threatened with severe physical abuse and rape the Ukrainian hostages who refused to cooperate.

FSB officer Andrey Sushko fall under the sanctions, as it is responsible for the orders that have seriously violated human rights, in particular, for the kidnapping of the Crimean Tatar activist who oppose the occupation of Crimea by Russia. Man tortured with stun gun, choked and beaten.

The former chief of missile troops and artillery of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Zaritsky fell under the sanctions for the activities in the Crimea. He is the founder and owner of LLC “Management company of infrastructure projects”, which is also under sanctions. The company after the illegal privatization of the occupation authorities without the consent of Ukraine purchased for $ 24 million three-hotel complex “AI-Petri”, “Dulber”, “Mishor”, which is also included in the sanctions list.

The company “Krymteploelektrotsentral” (Krymtel) included in the sanctions list because he won the Russian tender for the supply of electricity to occupied Crimea and start additional power plants. In addition, the company LLC “southern Project” (Saint Petersburg) fell under the sanctions for the activities in the Crimea, she controlled the “Bank of Russia”, and directs these institutions Yury Kovalchuk, against which were previously imposed restrictive measures.

Resort “Dream” came under sanctions because it conducts annual international conferences, which are the main Russian platform for attracting investments to the occupied Crimea. Sanctions are also imposed against the company “GARANT-SV”, which owns the hotel “Dream”.

We will remind, on 8 November, the Office for foreign assets control of the US Treasury imposed new financial sanctions against three individuals and 9 companies in connection with the situation in Russian-occupied Crimea and Donbas.