In the world to abandon nuclear power plant construction

							В мире отказались от строительства АЭС

Investment in the construction of new nuclear power plants in the world fell by 70%, while in 2017 the amount of investment in nuclear power decreased by 45% compared with 2016. writes About this edition of the Nikkei, citing data from the International energy Agency.

The decline in investment is due to the global trend away from nuclear power plants. According to the International energy Agency, total investments in the energy sector of the world in 2017, $1.8 trillion, a decrease of 2% compared to the previous year. Investment in power based on the use of mineral fuel remained at the same level.

From the plant intends to completely abandon Germany; in Switzerland, the referendum banned the building of new nuclear power plants, and France wants to reduce its dependence on nuclear energy.

Recall that the funding gap of nuclear energy in Ukraine is more than ten billion hryvnias.