In Ukraine decided to green tram tracks

В Украине решили озеленить трамвайные пути

В Украине решили озеленить трамвайные пути

The Ministry of regional development will consider the proposal to build on the tramways lawns on the European model. According to the Deputy Minister, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Leo Partskhaladze, it will contribute to improving the ecological and aesthetic condition of cities and to prevent the arrival of the transport on the way.

“Until now, we have such clever people who do not neglect the opportunity to ride the tram way, not thinking about what dangerous consequences can have such a drive. In Europe long ago figured out a way to deal with it while providing an aesthetic appearance and enhance the ecological condition of the cities. This “green journey” of trams. That is, when the path of the tram traffic as landscaped flower beds,” — said Partskhaladze, the press service minrehionu.

The official stressed that such practice exists in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and other European countries.

“They started showing up here in the 80-ies of the last century to return green area into the urban space. Such a “green way” is an integral part of urban infrastructure of Barcelona, Strasbourg, Warsaw, Milan and other European cities. And we can also learn from this experience,” — said Partskhaladze.

Previously, the Council has allocated land for the metro station to the Husbandman. Experts have already conducted preliminary surveys of the areas and found that they do not grow valuable trees.

As previously reported, the Kyiv metro has canceled a tender to develop a feasibility study of the metro line to troieschyna. Then the authorities promised to announce a new tender.

We will remind, Klitschko has promised to open the metro to the tenants within two years.

Klitschko announced the start of construction on the subway Husbandman, and metro said when it will begin. The metro also has a train of “Ukrainian identity”.The metro station “Polytechnic Institute” was adapted for people with vision problems.