In Ukraine will limit the purchase of antibiotics without a prescription

В Украине ограничат покупку антибиотиков без рецепта

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the decision limiting over-the-counter access to antibiotics. The next steps in the framework of the decision will be announced in the Ministry of health.

As reported “Interfax-Ukraine”, adopted by the Ordinance provides that before the end of the second quarter of 2019, the Ministry of health will develop regulations according to which to buy antibiotics will be available only by prescription. The decision caused a total addictive of the population to antimicrobial agents.

We will also approve the list of communicable diseases and illnesses in which doctors will have the right to recommend to take antibiotics.

The health Ministry will collect and sistematizirovat information about what antibiotics are and how often Ukrainians consume.

Photo by Alexandra Butylki (archive FOTOmedia)