In what month of the year can’t get married – a bad omen

The bride is at risk because of this before being widowed, people say

В каком месяце года нельзя выходить замуж – плохая примета

National signs is the experience accumulated by generations. Of course, we can not believe this, but just have to know.

That the couple decided to get married in may, “will to suffer”, you know, even those who never thought to marry. What can you expect from weddings in other months of the year.

  • In December — love every year will be stronger.
  • In January — before being widowed.
  • In February — to live in harmony with her husband.
  • In March — live on the wrong side.
  • In may — see treason in your own home.
  • In April — use of changeable happiness.
  • In June — honeymoon will last a lifetime.
  • In July — to keep their life sweet and sour memories.
  • In August — my husband is a lover and a friend.
  • In September — a quiet life.
  • In October — life will be hard and heavy.
  • In November, the life rich and happy.

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Watch the video the Moon is as close to the Ground:

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