Incinerator: a burner problem that has lasted for at least thirty years

Once again, the City of Quebec’s incinerator does not meet the standards of the Regulation respecting landfilling and incineration of residual materials.
The city ​​spokeswoman explained: “We are installing natural gas burners for each of the four ovens. It was part of the actions undertaken in [March] 2017 after observing overruns in standards. If the installation of these burners is good news for citizens, why then wait thirty years before installing it?

Since 1989, in its Guidelines for the Operation and Emissions of Urban Solid Waste Incinerators, such equipment is recommended to maintain at least 1000 o Celsius the necessary temperature to prevent improper combustion and emission of pollutants (carbon monoxide, dioxins and furans, etc.).

For 30 years, why have our two watchdogs responsible for ensuring our health and our air quality, the Public Health Branch and the Ministry of the Environment, done nothing to force the City Quebec to correct the situation and prevent it from poisoning us slowly but surely? Is it incompetence, duplicity, collusion, willful blindness or lack of courage? Citizens have the right to be informed about these 30 years of carelessness. Strongly a public commission of inquiry so that the leaders are identified, that they render account to the population and are replaced by people of competence, integrity and having truly at heart the health of the citizens.

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