Incomprehension and anger at the campsites

Incompréhension et colère dans les campings

Incompréhension et colère dans les campings

Stephanie Kintzig and Marc Pasquiou, the owners of the Camping Melbourne, begin to be impatient to get the green light from the government to open their campsite.


24 may 2020

Updated may 25, 2020 at 7h57


Incomprehension and anger at the campsites

Incompréhension et colère dans les campings

Incompréhension et colère dans les campings

Simon Roberge, an Initiative of journalism local

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SHERBROOKE — While several sectors are beginning to quietly open, the misunderstanding is more intense than ever in the campsites in the eastern Townships. They feel they have been forgotten by the government.

“I have difficulty to follow the logic of the prime minister at this time,” explains Hugues Grimard, manager at camping l’oiseau Bleu in Asbestos. It handles the unknown and this is not easy, but I have difficulty to discern the differences between services which are open and those that are closed. “

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Golf courses and campsites must take their evil in patience

Camping in a municipal parking lot

“To the people passing by with tents I understand a little more, but for seasonal workers, the government must help, pursues the one who is also the mayor of Asbestos. There are a lot of people who are in their apartment and who do not have space to get out. People who have a cottage or a land to wood can go. “

Even the sound of a bell at the campsite in Melbourne which has over 200 seats.

“Our level of impatience is strong, says Stephanie Kintzig, owner. It’s hard to understand why it does not open then you have a health plan that is to the point. Even though I am very happy for hairdressers and centres of aesthetic, I don’t understand why you open them, but not the campsites. It is good for people and we are talking about mental health all the time. The industry is ready! “

The camping Melbourne hosts a dozen snowbirds who do not have residences in Quebec.

“The campers, seasonal workers do not understand why we can accommodate snowbird, but not them,” she says. The principle is the same. People really respect the rules and really pay attention. “

Hole in the finance

The camping season usually begins in the month of April. Opening in June would, therefore, the campsites a little more than a month of income.

“We made our money in four months and I already have one who will jump, said Mr. Grimard. If you don’t want to die campgrounds in Quebec, it will be necessary that something happens. “

“I’m going to say as all the other campsites, you want a date, lance, for his part, Louis-Charles Royer the campsite in the Nicolet River in Wotton. In addition to having a hole in our finances, it will be necessary to revise our way of doing it. It will not be a super year. “

The camper owners are also receiving a lot of pressure on the part of the campers.

“It is we who do comply with the government order, summarizes Hugues Grimard, who receives between 30 and 40 calls per day. People that have units that are worth 40 000 or 50 000 $ in the campsites and they can’t go see them. “

Incompréhension et colère dans les campings

The trailer park Lise Blouin and his or her spouse is located in the camping Hatley, which is closed. They can’t move.


Campers in trouble

The situation is problematic also for some campers, such as the Magogoise Lise Blouin. Its trailer park of 41 feet, is located in the camping Hatley, which is closed.

“Our camping has decided not to re-open for only three snowbirds,” she says. We can’t go there and it is our residence in Quebec. “

Blouin and her husband rent a cottage at this time, but they must leave by the 1st of June

“It is in the chnoute, she summarizes. We don’t know what we will do. You don’t have access to our dock no more. Our hope is that the campsites open on Friday. “

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