Indoor Velodrome in Bromont: Quebec awards $ 1.9 million

The good news is jostling for the Bromont indoor velodrome project. After the two million dollars of Sylvan Adams and the million Desjardins, now the Ministry of Tourism has announced that it supports the initiative to the tune of $ 1.9 million. The finish line is on the horizon.
“We worked hard, very hard to achieve our goal. Today, I feel that the stars are really aligned, “said on the sidelines of the announcement the general manager of the National Cycling Center Bromont (CNCB), Nicolas Legault.

The project, estimated at nearly $ 12 million, provides for an upgrade of all the CNCB infrastructure. The first step is to put a roof on the track of the Atlanta Olympics 1996, repatriated to Bromont at the turn of the 2000s. This is the only velodrome in Quebec currently.

In addition to the 250-meter oval, the surface of which will be refurbished, two multi-sport gyms identified on behalf of Desjardins (volleyball, tennis, trampoline and gymnastics, among others), a training room and a track and field track. 200 meters must be arranged in the vast building. Trade shows and conventions are also included in the business plan.

Quebec had already allocated $ 4.5 million to the project through the Ministry of Education. The amount unveiled Tuesday raises the bar to about $ 6.5 million in provincial government grants. In addition, like the businessman Sylvan Adams, the municipality of Bromont supports the project to the tune of $ 2 million. Added to this is the one million Desjardins, bringing the total to nearly $ 11.5 million. Although we are moving closer to the overall goal, the team that oversees the broad fundraiser wants to raise an additional $ 1.5 million. This sum would be used to set up a fund to ensure the sustainability of the velodrome operations for the years to come. Those who pilot the initiative thus begin the last straight line to complete the loop.

If everything goes smoothly, the work must be completed in mid-December 2020. The opening is scheduled for no later than 2021.

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