iPhone X : A powerful built-in battery will be available soon

iPhone X : Une puissante batterie intégrée bientôt disponible

Ah, the autonomy of our iPhone… Not easy every day, especially when this last age. Fortunately, a Smart Battery Box should see the light of day according to 9to5Mac…

IPhone owners know all too well : the autonomy of smartphones Apple is sometimes to be deplored. Suffice to say that a Smart Battery Box is always good to take, especially for the iPhone X which celebrated its first year – and is expected to resume production due to disappointing sales of iPhone XR/XS. This is the site 9to5mac, who have discovered an icon, echoing the external battery in the last beta of watchOS. Of course, this rumor is to be taken with a grain of salt as nothing has been made official by the firm. But it is clear that new products have already been found with this method.

iPhone X : Une puissante batterie intégrée bientôt disponible

The Smart Battery Box has never been a handy accessory for the iPhone, I have to say. A big shell taking up space, not necessarily more aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, the whole is caught up by the extra battery life that offers such an accessory. On the side of the model for the iPhone 7, which costs still about 120 euros, on promises 26 hours of talk time and 22 hours of internet use on 4G. In the case of the iPhone X, which is an ideal gift for Christmas, an extra battery life would not be to throw. Expect, therefore, formalization of the part of the firm of Cupertino.