Iran : over 100 dead in 24 hours for the first time in two months

Iran : plus de 100 morts en 24h pour la première fois en deux mois

Iran : plus de 100 morts en 24h pour la première fois en deux mois

The health authorities in iran have identified 107 deaths due to the virus SARS-CoV-2 between Saturday afternoon and Sunday mid-day.


14 June 2020 7h42

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Iran : over 100 dead in 24 hours for the first time in two months

Agence France-Presse

TEHRAN — Tehran announced Sunday, more than 100 died of the new coronavirus in 24 hours, which was more happened in the last two months, while authorities downplay the upswing continues in the number of registered patients in Iran.

The health authorities have recorded 107 deaths due to the virus SARS-CoV-2 between Saturday afternoon and Sunday mid-day, announced Sima Sadat Lari, a spokesperson for the ministry of Health, which bears the balance sheet of the epidemic 8837 dead in Iran.

“It is a virus that is wild and unpredictable, which may surprise us at any time and requires a real collective effort, that we all respected and is seriously sanitary protocols, and that we observe the rules of social distancing,” said Ms. Lari.

Iran, which has announced its first cases of contamination by the new coronavirus in mid-February, is the country in the Near and Middle East the hardest hit by the pandemic COVID-19, but has never decreed containment required of the population.

Since April, the State has risen gradually almost all of the restrictions intended to combat the spread of the disease and the activity seems to have regained almost normal in the majority of the 31 provinces of the country.

Seven of them are nevertheless classified red, the alert level is the highest as regards the risk of the spread of the disease, according to Ms. Lari. It is in the provinces of Azerbaijan-Western, of Kurdistan, of Kermanchah, Khouzestan, of Bouchehr, of Hormozgan, and Sistan-Baluchistan, which draw an arc of a circle almost continuous along the border of the North-West to South-East of the country.

Since the beginning of may, the official figures reflect a tendency of increase of newly identified cases of contamination by the virus.

“Irreparable consequences”

To address this, the authorities continue to blame the population for not respecting the elementary rules of social distancing while repeating that there is no need to worry, because the increase in cases would not be according to them as the result, a mathematical one, of a more extensive.

This does nothing to a deterioration of the health situation of the country, to ensure more responsible.

“When one is conducting more tests, so, naturally, we identify more cases,” said Wednesday the president Hassan Rohani. The recent rise has nothing of “negative” and “people should not worry”, he added.

The balance sheet daily official died of the virus in Iran had fallen below 100 on 14 April, after the authorities had announced that 111 deaths the day before.

On Sunday, Ms. Lari said that 2472 new cases of contamination by the virus have been confirmed in Iran during the past 24 hours.

According to the official figures, 187 427 people have been infected by the disease since the announcement of the first cases in February.

Several times, the statistics of the government have been challenged by foreign experts, as well as some iranian officials that the suspect to be largely under-estimated.

If they seek to reassure the population regarding the health situation of the country, several leaders do not hide their concern in the face of what they portray as the negligence or carelessness of the population in the face of the virus.

On Saturday, Mr. Rohani about a report according to which only “18% to 20%” of Iranians would now be the guidelines for the fight against the disease against the “80% or more” in April-may.

“The non-compliance with social distancing, hygiene personal and public, as well as unnecessary travel can have irreparable consequences,” warned at the beginning of June a band, turning in the loop on the information channel of the State television.

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