Iran prisoner of the ambitions of his theocracy

Iran, a country of 82 million people covering an area three times larger than France, owns 10% of the world’s oil reserves and 15% of the world’s gas reserves. It is the seventh largest oil exporter in the world. Yet, due to incompetent and corrupt governance, sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, the European Union and the United States, Iran’s economic development is regressing. With the new US sanctions that want to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero, the pressure on the country will increase even more.
Iranian distrust

The stated goal of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to encourage Iran to behave like a normal country. Indeed, since the 5 + 1 agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, Iran has continued to destabilize the Middle East, to develop ballistic tests and to be the country triggering terrorist activities in Europe itself. Iran is still a prisoner of the ideology of defiance and martyrdom of its mullahs.

At the announcement of these new American sanctions, the US dollar which was worth 40 000 rials in 2018 is worth 140 000 rials today. The official inflation rate is 30.6%. Iran’s oil exports are down 30% from 2015 and the new US sanctions are aimed at stopping them altogether. According to the International Monetary Fund, inflation could reach 40%.

Iran reacted to recent US sanctions by recalling that it is able to block the Strait of Hormuz through which 30% of world oil and gas exports pass and by deciding not to respect certain clauses of the 5 + 1 on the nuclear. The latter measure has been deplored by Russia and the European Union and China seems reluctant to maintain its imports of Iranian oil. The unclaimed sabotage of four oil tankers in the Persian Gulf could be a first Iranian warning. Preventably, the United States has deployed an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf and two others in the Mediterranean in case Iran is tempted to trigger a generalized conflict in the Levant.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is Iran’s military intervention arm in the Middle East. He has his own army and a considerable economic power that allows him to influence Iran’s elected officials. It has been designated a terrorist entity by the US government. His ideologue Hassan Abbasi reacted by stating that it is only a matter of time before the White House is turned into a mosque or mosque reserved for Shiites only.

The current discomfort is also reflected in defections and revelations of shady regime. Brigadier General Ali Nasiri, head of the IRGC’s Protection Office, allegedly in possession of important strategic documents, has claimed political asylum in the United States. Said Qassemi, leader of the Ansar-e Hezbollah group of IRGC leaders, said he led radical groups, including Al Qaeda group under cover of the Iranian Red Crescent.

Moreover, Iran, which has suffered one of the worst drought crises in recent years, is currently suffering from devastating floods.

Between drought and floods

Before Iran’s 1979 revolution, Iran had a population of 34 million, and its drinking water reserves totaled 135 billion cubic meters. These reserves are now reduced by 40% due to drought and evaporation. More than 300 lakes and 60 rivers have been desiccated and desertification has ruined four million hectares of arable land.

The Islamic Republic has built more than 600 dams that have greatly benefited the construction companies well connected to the regime and in particular those belonging to the CGRI. These dams have blocked the flow of water to many other areas without renewing the aquifer reserve. As a result, farmers have dug thousands of wells from 60,000 to 430,000 in 40 years.

According to the Iranian Red Crescent, recent floods have affected 300 cities in 22 of the 31 Iranian provinces, affecting a quarter of the Iranian nation. 141 flooded rivers caused nearly 500 landslides and damaged nearly 3000 km of roads, 87 bridges and 160 dams. 1.2 million people had to be displaced and 18,000 factories stopped operating.

Receive or not international help?

The Iranian army intervened to save people in danger. Not to be outdone, the IRGC sent dozens of professional religious singers and mourners fighting their chests, chanting: “Suffering strengthens us” or “We do not fear death”. Considered by part of the Iranian population as the source of their deprivations, the CGRI has tried to improve its image by inviting foreign Shiite militias that it sponsors to come to the aid of the stricken regions.

In 2003, 60 countries came to the rescue of Iran after the Bam earthquake. Faced with the current disaster, the Foreign Ministry said that those who know how to mourn the death of the martyr Hussein do not need to humble themselves by begging their bounty to the worshipers of the Cross and the Zionists. This did not stop the eloquent Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif from blaming the United States for the lack of assistance or even compassion and adding that it is US sanctions that prevent them from coming to the aid of the United States. ‘Iran. This is absolutely false, as the sanctions do not focus on basic necessities or medical products.

A scapegoat all found

And of course, we must designate culprits: in 2018, the director of the organization of the passive Defense Jalali declared that Israel flew clouds and snow to Iran. This year, the Iranian IRC-affiliated Tasnim news agency published an article blaming torrential rains on climate manipulation by Iran’s enemies – an allusion to the United States and Israel.

Misguided in the grip of sanctions, floods and his anti-American rhetoric, President Rouhani said he was finally ready to negotiate with the United States if the US apologized. As for the Supreme Guide Khamanei, he was not available for several days after the outbreak of the floods, not wanting to be disturbed because he was too taken by the Qishm Poetry Congress.

The Iranian nation is still held hostage to the victim ideology and incompetence of autocratic mullahs. If they refuse to change course and choose the path of martyrdom, Iran risks implosion.

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