Iris Mittenaere (Dancing with the stars 9) : His reconciliation with Anthony Colette was it purely strategic ?

During the adventure Dancing with the stars 9, Iris Mittenaere Anthony and Colette are highly close. But if it had been invented to any room ?

Since a few days, the program Dancing with the stars is suspected to be rigged and Chantal Ladesou is again expressed in an unexpected way on the subject. According to the actress, the small arrangements would be provided for people who wish to leave the adventure early, for personal or professional reasons. But one wonders also, it is Iris Mittenaere. The candidate of season 9 has marked the spirits and reached the final of the competition thanks to its beautiful complicity with Anthony Colette, his partner. But while the rumours were of the couple, their reconciliation could have been purely strategic.

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Each year in DALS, binomial approach, enough to make the buzz on the web and in the magazines. A way to be well exposed and appeal to viewers, who are the only ones able to vote. The chain also finds its account, as the media talk about the program, thereby boosting the hearings. Then, the reconciliation between Iris and Anthony was it calculated ? Since the end of the adventure, the two young people are very discrete and do not appear any more as a whole so that the young dancer has been installed in the capital. On December 3, 2018, Iris was photographed at the Gare de Lyon in Paris to the sides of Kev Adams (her ex), what is to stop the rumors of the couple with Anthony. Finally, the former Miss Universe has released his book “Always believe” and forms part of the antigen-presenting become of the channel TF1, which gives there still good reasons for putting it in the light… In the rest of the news tv, the daughter of Jean-Marc G?n?reux has been admitted to the emergency and the jury of Dancing with the stars has given its new.