Iron Man, an essential service in Rockland

Iron Man, un service essentiel à Rockland

Andrew Griffiths in his suit of Iron Man.

April 24, 2020 20h47

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Iron Man, an essential service in Rockland

Iron Man, un service essentiel à Rockland

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Andrew Griffiths, alias ” Iron Man “, travels through his neighborhood every Saturday to spread the good mood in the streets of Rockland, in eastern ontario.

For two weeks now, he puts on his impressive and realistic costume of Iron Man, published the itinerary of his journey on his page on Facebook, as well as an approximate time of the duration of his walk. The children get to dress up and anxiously await the passage of the super hero in front of their house. “Some children jump around when I arrive.

Other freeze on the spot and me secure. They can’t believe their eyes and don’t know how to react. Sometimes, I even think that the parents are more excited than the children (laughs). “

Andrew Griffiths is a member of the League of super heroes Ottawa, an organization of “super heroes” who work with charities in the region and leads fundraising efforts.

Since the early days of the pandemic, the activities of the League are more virtual, such as reading stories to children on Facebook. Mr. Griffiths wanted to do even more, inspired by his nephew Robbie, whose walks, while he is disguised as spider-man, have become viral in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“I was absolutely amazed by the response that it has aroused. I’ve only made a single request on a group Facebook to see if parents or children would be interested. In a single day, I received sixty applications “, lance surprised Mr. Griffiths, still surprised at the success of his initiative.

Iron Man, un service essentiel à Rockland

Andrew Griffiths travels the streets of his neighborhood, Rockland disguised as Iron Man, for spreading the good mood during the crisis.


All he wants is to bring a little happiness to the children during this difficult time. “It is to remove a little of the monotony. The parents send me messages by e-mail to thank me for having the day of their child and they will talk about it for several months. “

Comply with social distancing

Mr. Griffiths said that it had been a little worried during his first journeys, to know if people were going to respect the measures of social distancing. “Everyone is extremely respectful. I have not had to tell anyone to keep his distance. I think people are aware that if it starts to be a problem, it will stop. ”

On the occasion, he is also joined by other super heroes, like Batman or a member of the Ghostbusters. But according to ” Iron Man “, the three acolytes are still managing to keep the safe distance with the families. “In one of the streets, there were all these families who stood in front of their driveway. We had to walk to the other side of the street to keep our social distance. There must have been at least ten or fifteen families. ”

If the time allows it, “Iron Man” will continue his walks for several weeks yet, much to the delight of many. “I’ve already planned a few more routes. I think I’ll continue for as long as possible. “

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