Irresistible: follow the money! ***

Irresistible: suivez l’argent! ***

Irresistible: suivez l’argent! ***

Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper) agrees to be present as mayor after the performances, the top strategist democrat Gary Zimmer (Steve Carrell).


June 23, 2020

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Irresistible: follow the money! ***

Irresistible: suivez l’argent! ***

Irresistible: suivez l’argent! ***

Eric Moreault

The Sun

CRITICAL / To the extent that one is interested in the u.s. election, Irresistible acts as a magnet. Because it is the second feature film of fiction of the ex-leader featured Jon Stewart and that he is counting on a strong cast. Almost a satire, or so little, depending on your point of view, the comedy describes with great acuity, and wry humour of the circus the media-policy with our neighbours to the South. And, above all, the disproportionate influence of money in the democratic process…

Stewart, who wrote the screenplay, has located the action in the aftermath of the election of 8 November 2016 and focuses its operation on Gary Zimmer (Steve Carrell). A wizard of the top strategist in the democratic party, he presents a video, which became viral, where a ex-Marine is a passionate advocate for the rights of illegal immigrants to the city council.

However, Deerlaken, Wisconsin, is located in the heart of rural America, the pickup truck, country music (we get to hear, not once, but twice, the classic Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell) and the cities périclitantes. We vote more naturally to the right.

Zimmer sees Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper) a unique opportunity to conquer the moderates in the Heartland. Despite his initial reluctance, and thanks to a nudge from Diana Hastings (Mackenzie Davis), he convinces the colonel to become a farmer to stand as mayor.

Zimmer will soon deploy the heavy artillery, the republicans are going to join the dance by delegating Faith Brewster (Rose Byrne), her fierce rival.

Irresistible: suivez l’argent! ***

The republicans are going to join the dance by delegating Faith Brewster (Rose Byrne), the fierce rival of Zimmer.

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Jon Stewart obviously plays on the contrast of the “elite” of Washington that arrived in the middle of the countryside. Including this hilarious scene where Zimmer and his geeks are parked in the courtyard of the secondary school to have access to the wi-fi… Or the one linked to nuns who receive flyers pro-choice at the convent (we’ll let you discover the context) !

Of course, the director of Rosewater (2014) demonstrates the extent to which professional politicians are disconnected from the realities on the ground of their fellow citizens. And that, to reach their purposes, they are ready to all the manoeuvres. But Irresistible was not the biting Of the men of influence (1997) Barry Levinson.

The media also spend a bad quarter of an hour in his demonstration unforgiving of the flaws of the american system which is based on the fabrication of the image and the relentless pursuit of funding, which shapes the agenda of sociopolitical and bend to the wishes of the affluent.

Deerlaken obviously becomes a microcosm of the United States, and a way to address several themes that are linked to it, including systemic racism and inequality. Stewart has a clear tilt to the left, but its crossfire reach as many democrats as republicans.

No need to be fanatical about politics to appreciate Irresistible. The four main actors are revealed absolutely tasty. Carrel (Foxcatcher, Vice…) in a posh finish and cynical avoids the caricature and Rose Byrne (X-Men, Neighbours) did the same in bitchy ambitious. It should be noted, however, the presence of light of Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049), whose character acts as a moral conscience when strategists descend too low.

The final, which consisted of three possibilities, turns out to be absolutely delicious, especially with respect to the foregoing.

Irresistible had to take the poster in the dining room, but the pandemic of the COVD-19 has changed the situation. With the presidential election in early November, it was necessary to make it available to the largest possible number. Where the output in video-on-demand.

The generic

Rating : ***

Title : Irresistible

Genre : Comedy, political

Director : Jon Stewart

Actors : Steve Carrell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper, Mackenzie Davis

Duration : 1h42

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