Iryna Fedyshyn said, what she lacks in the relationship with her husband

Ирина Федишин рассказала, чего ей не хватает в отношениях с мужем

The singer told what problem the couple works on a daily basis.

In a candid conversation with journalist Victoria Marmugoa for the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine” famous singer Iryna Fedyshyn said, is it true in your life has such “perfect” relationship with her husband, as the photo in Instagram.

14 years in marriage and relationship as a couple on a honeymoon. Irina regularly exhibits in Instagram photo with her husband and children from the General travel, walking, sitting in restaurants. The singer admitted whether their relationship with her husband and producer Vitaly Canycom in life are as ideal as the picture.

“I have a wonderful husband! We rarely fight, but if it happens, it is not because of life and work. I try to do so, that the house was a normal atmosphere, because she grew up in a normal aura not seen my parents fight. We have always had respect for me and is still in first place. Words can really injure a person, therefore it is necessary to include the mind – less emotions and ambitions”, – says Iryna Fedyshyn in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

In addition, the actress said that often the first to put up is her husband, who at this moment repeats how much he loves her and appreciates. However, the families of Irina sometimes not enough. And although the pair love working together, sometimes you want work to leave the door of the house.

“In principle, we immediately started working together to go the creative way, so it’s hard for me to share – it’s all very intertwined, United. But with time I understand more and more that I would like to have a bit more time for us, our family. So now we learn to set priorities”, – said the singer.

So as soon as Irina Fedyshyn appears a break between concerts, the whole family is packing up and going to conquer a new country, leaving all the talk about work.


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