Is it safe to carpool?

Est-ce sécuritaire de faire du covoiturage?

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Carpooling is a practice encouraged to reduce traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, or to move between the two cities. But in the current context, it is safe to move as well?

The Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) recommended that to avoid this mode of transportation, while the coronavirus continues to spread in Quebec. “Carpooling is not recommended in the current context. It is indeed a favorable context for the transmission of the virus,” says one, recalling that a vehicle is a closed environment where it can be difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a distance of two meters between the passengers.

Expert in molecular virology at the Center Armand-Frappier Health Biotechnology, Laurent Chatel-Chaix is of the same opinion. “If these are people who live together, there is no problem. Otherwise, it must be discouraged. But if people don’t have the choice, it would be necessary to make it all the way being hidden, because it is an environment that is confined. Therefore, you should use the same logic as for the transit.”

The INSPQ also explains that the measures may reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. It suggests, for example, to limit the number of passengers, “always covoiturer with the same people”, but also to promote ‘ the greatest possible distance between the driver and the passengers.”

What’s more, it is important to”ventilate the cabin as often as possible”, to clean the surfaces affected by the passengers once they are out of the vehicle and comply with the safety instructions in force for several weeks in Quebec.

These guidelines are put forward by the service of carpooling AmigoExpress, who recommends wearing a face mask if the distance of two metres cannot be met, which is the case in the car.

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