Is it that Quebecers drink more in containment? [VIDEO]

Est-ce que les Québécois boivent plus en confinement? [VIDÉO]

7 April 2020 13: 22

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Is it that Quebecers drink more in containment? [VIDEO]

The canadian Press


The containment is pushing the people to consume more alcohol? Not if one believes the results of a CROP survey recently conducted for éduc’alcool.

The study, conducted on April 4 and 5 reveals that a large majority of Quebeckers, which is 82 %, has not increased his consumption of alcohol during the last month, and a total of 14 % have even reduced the quantity consumed.

Only 18 percent of respondents said that they drink more, according to the survey.

“Although the early data from Europe, Australia and the United States led to the expectation – or fear – that the containment would lead to a dramatic increase in the consumption of alcohol, Quebecers have generally been wise, prudent and disciplined, even if they do not give up to take a drink for the pleasure,” said the director general of éduc’alcool, Hubert Sacy, by issuing a press release.

Quebecers who have reduced their consumption of alcohol explain this change by the fact that they usually drink outside in bars and restaurants, or even because they are social drinkers who only consume in the company of relatives or friends.

Some have also referred to the fear of making their purchases in stores or have said that they have less of a taste for drink, they reduce their spending or they do not want to or cannot go out to get alcohol.

Those who have increased their alcohol consumption reported, among other things, that they have more time to consume, they get bored and that this allows them to reduce the stress or anxiety.

These are mainly young people under 35 years of age, the wealthy, and those who are more affected psychologically by the situation who have increased their consumption.

“However, the increase or decrease of consumption, in and of itself, is not sufficient to have the complete picture of the situation, because if a person who took two glasses a week, now takes four or five, this would not be really a problem. While someone who already exceeded the recommended limits remains a consumer excessive, even if it has not increased its consumption,” says Mr. Ycas news.

The results of the CROP survey are based on 1412 responses collected on 4 and 5 April 2020. The respondents were recruited through a web panel. The questionnaire consisted of fifteen variables.


Survey: Quebecers do not drink more since the beginning of the confinement

The canadian Press

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