Israel found an amazing ancient temple under the prison

В Израиле нашли удивительный древний храм под зданием тюрьмы

The area of Megiddo is a popular destination for tourists visiting the Holy Land. For many decades, the dig is here, in particular, about local old Israeli prison, near the ancient ruins.

In 2005, in times during the extension works of the dilapidated prison of Megiddo were found the remains of a Christian prayer hall of the 3rd century, including a mosaic depicting the Lord Jesus Christ. It was excavated a building with a mosaic that was found earlier artifacts, then the site was preserved under the supervision of archaeologists. Full-scale excavations to begin in 2021.

“When a Christian prayer hall was first found under the prison, we were all excited, says Matthew Adams, Director of the Institute for archaeological studies. Albright in Jerusalem, who for many years digging in Megiddo. And then we realized: “Oh, it’s prison of strict regime, so we will never be able to continue the excavations”.

Israeli tourist authorities are planning to create a complex on this place to combine tourism, archaeology and walks on nature.

“Prison, designed to hold 1000 dangerous prisoners will be moved, will be built a new complex, which will allow you to open and mosaic will provide people from all over the world the opportunity to see Megiddo,” — said the press Secretary of the prison service Nicole Englander.

This area apparently was a cultural melting pot two millennia ago, there lived Jews, Christians and pagans-the Romans. It is assumed that the interaction between the early Christians and the Roman Empire was much more complicated than previously thought.

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