It is a coffin and a cemetery: the network told about the sadistic conditions in the trains of “Ukrzaliznytsya”

Это гроб и кладбище: в сети рассказали о садистских условиях в поездах "Укрзалізниці"

Conditions of passenger transportation of Ukrzaliznytsia, in particular, the timetables is done without considering the comfort of passengers and the lack of logistical calculations.

“He is the man who makes the timetables, which, for example, is not imminent – who is he? He is a sadist … He is an agent of the Kremlin?.. Or this schedule no one wrote? This schedule was already here, and you “Ukrzaliznytsya” around it built and now worship those hours and minutes because from ancestors opened” – outraged in Facebook journalist Anatoly Shvets.

He described his impressions of the trip on the route “Kyiv — Berdyansk — Kiev”, where there was no air conditioning in the summer heat. Furthermore, 45 days is the direction of the tickets were gone. And it’s not talking about quality of service in the cars.

“It’s hell. It PI**ETS. Is there a*PA. It’s a coffin, casket, b*Yad and the cemetery,” – said Shvets.

The journalist also outraged by long — up to several hours – stopping trains.

“Well, not the 19th century, water does not need to change and coal loading at the station is not necessary. Why would a train going in the holiday region of guaranteed pocketed tightly need to stop at the station, to brake and so forth,” he wrote, noting that finding the optimal solution of logistic tasks of studying at the 4th year of University.

While Sweden agreed with the fare increase and division of cars on classes.

“And you will be at higher prices thinking about the holiday season in advance, BL*th, for example immediately after the end of the current season, situation analysis and data? You right now that the way to optimize the routes?”, – the journalist was indignant.

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