It is estimated the damage to the world economy from lack of sleep

Подсчитан ущерб мировой экономики от недосыпания

Подсчитан ущерб мировой экономики от недосыпания

Lack of sleep significantly reduces the productivity of many companies. Due to lack of sleep, the firms go into negative and lose large sums of money. However, the total damage to the world economy from lack of sleep amount reaches $1 trillion a year.

More likely to suffer from the American company. According to the RAND study, their damage amounts to $411 billion annually, writes News18. Next on the list is Japan with a value of $138 billion in Losses due to sleepy employees in Germany and Britain was estimated at between $50 to $60 billion and in Australia $45 billion, the Canadian company loses annually $22 billion.

Problem trying to solve in different ways. In Japan established the practice of creating “bedrooms” with noise reduction, there is sprayed hypnotic aromas and forbid the use of gadgets. Some firms even hired staff who will drive employees out of the office not later than 9 PM, so they were able to get some sleep. Another interesting tool is tracked using special devices, the number of dream subordinate and issuing of bonuses and awards for sleep.

Previously doctors have called the most harmful posture for sleep. It can cause back pain, tension in the neck and joints, and also lead to tingling in the extremities. And recently, the acting Minister of health Suprun gave advice on how to overcome insomnia.

We will remind, the UN announced the amount of damage to the world economy from corruption and bribes. Losses of trillions of dollars annually. Note that the global economy has accumulated debts for the next two years.