It is necessary to déconfiner the elderly, according to the Grouping of residences for seniors

Il faut déconfiner les personnes âgées, selon le Regroupement des résidences pour aînés

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The owners of residences for the elderly are worried about the psychological distress of their tenants.

Quebec is preparing a “game plan” for déconfiner seniors stuck in their apartments for several weeks now.

The authorities have thus echoed Thursday in the appeal by the owners of residences for the elderly, who worry about the psychological distress of their tenants. Recall that these latter are forced not to come out under any circumstances and may only be allowed to go for a walk under supervision.

The Regroupement québécois des résidences pour aînés (RQRA) application of déconfiner seniors. In an interview with The canadian Press, the president of RQRA, Yves Desjardins, said he has already begun discussions with the ministry of Health.

He acknowledges that he must go cautiously, and request the government to make its decision soon, to be able to foresee the changes and put measures in place. With the déconfinement gradually the rest of society, it will be impossible to keep it for a long time, thousands of seniors in their buildings, he pleaded.

“He’s going to start fine, I’m worried”, said Mr. Desjardins in an interview with The canadian Press broadcast Thursday. It is necessary to be proactive, and not wait and end up having the disobedience and the seniors who come out in spite of everything. Now, it is necessary to go there sparingly, with the measures applicable, actual, concrete. “

The national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, said he was going to interact with these institutions as it has done with companies to undertake the economic recovery.

“I think you need to give them instructions so that they can have a game plan, it is part of the instruments that we want to put in place “, he declared at the balance sheet daily to fight the pandemic, Thursday, at the side of prime minister François Legault.

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