Italy: the head of the government promised the reopening of schools in September

Italie: le chef du gouvernement promet la réouverture des écoles en septembre

The head of the Italian government, Guiseppe Conte, will not open the schools until September.

April 26, 2020 8h51

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Italy: the head of the government promised the reopening of schools in September

Agence France-Presse


ROME — The head of the Italian government Giuseppe Conte has promised the reopening of schools in September only to not to put “health of children”, in an interview published Sunday by the leftist daily La Repubblica.

“The school is at the centre of our thoughts and will reopen in September. But all the scenarios prepared by a committee of experts predicted a high risk of contagion in case of reopening [before September] of the schools,” he said.

“It is the health of our children is at stake,” said Mr. Conte, while schools have been closed since the beginning of march due to the outbreak of COVID-19, which is already more than 26 000 deaths in the country, the hardest hit in Europe.

Mr. Conte has also confirmed that the government was working on a plan déconfinement of the Italians and for the reopening of industrial activities in the short term, from the 4th of may.

“We are working […] to allow the reopening of a good part of the companies, the manufacturing sector to the construction, starting may 4”, he assured.

This plan will be announced “no later than the beginning of next week”, but businesses will have to ensure “strict compliance of security protocols”, such as social distancing or mask-wearing, has-t-he stressed.

Mr. Conte referred more specifically to “the productive activities and industrial, export-oriented”, because the latter may be cut off in the international circuits.

He assured general that his government was working to give the “horizon temporary clear to all economic operators”, including bars, restaurants and other tourist activities that will open last, in order to allow them to”take all useful precautions to allow for a new start in maximum security conditions”.

Concerning the freedom of movement, today limited exclusively to the inside of the joint membership and related solely to the requirements of work and health that a citizen must confirm in a declaration on the honour, he spoke of “lesser means”, without further details.

“We are not yet able to restore the full freedom of movement […], but we will make sure to allow more travel while maintaining the safeguards for the prevention and containment of the contagion,” promised the head of the Italian government.

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