“It’s not going that well,” said a nurse

«Ça ne va pas si bien que ça», déplore une infirmière

April 24, 2020 4: 00


“It’s not going that well,” said a nurse

«Ça ne va pas si bien que ça», déplore une infirmière

Patricia Rainville

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A nurse at the hospital of Chicoutimi deplores the lack of communication and several irritants that saw the staff of the hospital since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19. Supported by several of her colleagues, she believes that it is wrong to say that “all is well” between the walls of the hospital.

Colleagues sent in a CHSLD for a day to get back to work in the different departments of the hospital the next day ; measures of disinfection for employees who come to work in the day, but not for those who return to night ; employees currently on leave without pay left to work in education who may be called in reinforcements, but which were not ; of the levies made on the pay for parking so that there are no more charges for several weeks ; a fortnight of e-mails received in one day for new procedures ; the nurse with The routine of Daily life is maintained considers that the lack of communication and logic is infuriating and adds to the stress of the crisis for a good number of health care workers.

“It is a little tanned to hear that things are going well in the hospital, because no, it’s not going that well,” says the one who prefers to remain anonymous, due to the risk of retaliation.

“A colleague received a call at 7: 10 am one morning to go to the CHSLD of The Hill. She has never worked with the elderly. She went there for the day, and then it was repatriated to the hospital. The next day, she was working with us, ” explained the nurse of Chicoutimi. This example is in addition to the other cases of moving staff from one institution to another, as reported in the last few days.

“We understand that there is a lack of staff and that the situation is not easy, but there is a lack of logic,” she notes.

The young woman gives as an example the fact that during more than two weeks, the employees who returned to work for the night shift and were not “controlled” by the security officer posted at the employee entrance.

A tent has been set up in recent weeks for employees, including items such as lunch boxes and coffee cups are disinfected.

“It was the case for employees who were returning in the morning and in the evening, but not night. It is illogical, since it comes from the undermining of the efforts made during the day. The shooting has been adjusted, but the situation persisted for several days. We said, ironically, that the COVID-19 did not exist the night, ” said nurse.

“We have had no meeting of teams for understanding the situation properly. We receive a ton of emails with the new measures put in place every day. Getting lost and we would simply that there is more communication, ” she adds.

On his department, then they are usually 60 nurses, they are now 47. Nursing pregnant or suffering from chronic diseases have been removed.

“During this time, several workers are on unpaid leave at home because they taught in schools. These workers could be recalled, but are not “, gives the example of the nurse.

The financial consequences

Another irritant is encountered by the employees of the hospital is of a financial nature. For several weeks, the parking lot of the hospital de Chicoutimi is available, free of charge. Except for the workers who pay for their place in the year. It costs$ 9 per week for the staff.

“Currently, employees who do not pay the year is stationed at the hospital, while they continue to pay. It may seem trivial, but it’s still forty dollars per month, for nothing. They requested that the levy on our payroll stops during the pandemic, but it has been said that it was too complicated. We also, we need this money and say that it’s mine a bit of a working relationship, then we are in a period of crisis “, raises the health care worker.

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