Jamal Khashoggi : the uncertainty continues around his disappearance

Jamal Khashoggi : l'incertitude perdure autour de sa disparition

Jamal Khashoggi : l'incertitude perdure autour de sa disparition

Columnist critical of the power of Ryad and employee of the Washington Post has not given a sign of life from his entry on October 2, the consulate of his country in Istanbul, where he had gone to get a document of his marriage with a Turkish.

Ankara says that he never came out of the building, but It ensures the opposite.

According to the Washington Post, the us intelligence services had knowledge of a project in saudi arabia, involving the crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman, of bringing in Jamal Khashoggi in a trap to stop it.

“Let us hope that good news can still happen. Regardless of who did it, we don’t let go. I will never let fall. I’ll never forget it”, said Karen Attiah, the head of the page “Opinion” at the Washington Post

The bride of the editorialist saudi, Hatice Cengiz, has sought the assistance of Donald Trump. The u.s. president said Wednesday to the press in Washington is to be maintained “at the highest level” with the Saudis, and “more than once”, about the journalist.“We are very disappointed to see what is happening. We don’t like it” and “we want to know what is happening there”, he assured.

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Thursday that his country would not remain silent about the journalist of saudi arabia disappeared. But when asked about the statements of Turkish officials, according to which Mr. Khashoggi was murdered in the consulate by saudi arabian agents, Erdogan has kicked into touch. “It is not fair that I comment on assumptions, but we have our concerns”, he said.

“Turkey was in need of the Saudis and this may be the reason why we have heard an answer prudent on their part. They need investment and tourists to the saudis at this time. To a lesser extent, they need the saudi oil. Turkey is currently in the throes of an economic crisis”, explained to euronews Emily Wither, a journalist for the Reuters news agency in Istanbul.

In Washington in the United States. dozens of protesters gathered Wednesday in front of the Saudi embassy to denounce the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.

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