Jamala’s fans were infuriated

Фанаты Джамалы пришли в негодование

The singer did not advertise their performances on the territory of Russia after 2014.

The winner of the musical contest “Eurovision 2016” Jamala (Susana Dzhamaladinova) concealed from fans of their concerts in Russia after the events of 2014. The singer has always stressed their patriotism and often condemns colleagues for performances in Russia.

A leading TV channel NewsOne Max Nazarov Sunday, February 24 on his page on Facebook “thanked” to Jamal for her Ukrainian position.

The singer recalled the events in Russia and participation in “New wave” in 2014. Nazarov also presented a picture of Jamala with her Sochi concert in 2015.

In social networks pop star has not responded to the accusations, despite the indignation of the fans, writes to newsone.