Jane The Virgin : An actor of Weeds gets the main role in the spin-off of the series

Jane The Novela, the spin-off of Jane The Virgin, has recently found his heroine ! Now, we know the name of the one with whom she will share the poster for the show !

The season 5 of Jane The Virgin will land soon on the channel The CW, it will be the last season of the series. However, the show will be entitled to a spin-off titled Jane the Novela. Each season will be based on a fiction novel different from writing by Jane Villanueva and will be told by the young woman herself. A few days ago, you revealed the face of the heroine of the spin-off of Jane The Virgin. This is the actress Jacqueline Grace Lopez that we could see in East Los High. The website Deadline announced recently that propose the lead male role in this new series. It is about the american actor 31-year-old Hunter Parrish, who plays Silas Botwin in Weeds or, more recently, Clayton Haas in Quantico. In Jane The Novela, he will lend his features to Felix, a handsome, prosperous man who works in the wine industry.

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The character of Hunter Parrish is the single most coveted Napa Valley, where will be held the first season of the spin-off of Jane The Virgin. He is the heir apparent of the winery of his family. Although its future is promising, Felix is tortured by the secrets from his past. As in Quantico, Hunter Parrish will once again Marcia Cross who will play the mother of glamour, Felix, Renata. The heroine of the show, Estela, will be torn between her boyfriend Luen and the handsome Felix, a little like Jane was between Michael and Rafael. Before you learn more about this spin-off very promising, it gives you rendez-vous from the 27th of march next, to find the Season Premiere of season 5 of Jane The Virgin. In the meantime, check out also if Sophia Bush, who has recently joined the cast of the show, will be the new love interest of Rafael.