Jelena (The Villa of Broken Hearts 4) attacked for his behavior with Celine in Angels 11, she responds to criticism (PHOTO)

Jelena of The Villa of Broken Hearts 4, is to tackle it on social networks, such as Aurélie Dotremont for his behavior in The Angels 11 ! She decides to answer…

At this time, Aurélie Dotremont Angels 11 who has ratted the arrival of Netanya in MELAA4 is down by internet users on the canvas, and her friends Hillary and Jelena too ! The three candidates are considered the pests of the episodes currently aired on NRJ12, and for some, they are undergo a real struggle to Céline, who has left The Angels 11 following the announcement of Fabrice. Jelena has decided to respond by Insta story to the critical, and the drafting of melty invites you to discover the answer of the candidate below. It explains what really happened with the candidate !

Jelena (La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 4) attaquée pour son comportement avec Céline dans Les Anges 11, elle répond aux critiques (PHOTO)

Jelena has thus written : “I swear to you that I am not bad ! Stop saying that ! I have known in other adventures I’ve never been bad, even with people who were against me ! I am on the side of the girls compared to Celine because which is not shown and that you do not know, it is that we threw toothpicks viciously. It is not at all gratuitous malice and the fury there has been nothing of all that”. She says also to have been more pleasant in a time that has not been shown… also, see here the replay of the Angels 11 with the departure of Celine in the face of Emy !